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Is Dreamweaver Necessary For Web Design?

Dreamweaver, once owned by Macromedia, has been in commercial use for over ten years now and while other web design softwares have come and gone Dreamweaver’s development and popularity has continued. As a piece of software it is widely used in professional web design circles, but nevertheless many designers openly discourage its use when writing in forums and blogs.

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Web Design Trends

Understanding web development trends is not just about keeping up with best practices or being trendy, it also helps you become a better designer. By knowing about the current state

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Web Design Concepts

Web Design Concepts Website Design: A marketing tool or a simple web presence? Web Design Concepts. Is it correct to say that we live in the era of information and

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Web Design for Beginners – Developing a User Friendly Website

A web design needs to be a lot of things not just a design. It just needs to be a lot more. The layout, color scheme, interactive and self-explanatory images are the components of design, inclusive of the use of white space and the font that the website displays to the viewer. But the design also needs to be user-friendly, easy to navigate through and have the latest features that have proven to be popular with most people.

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